Biden admin officials 'doing everything in their power' to aid cartels, Texas AG says

"They're not in this to help Americans. They're in this to get votes and to do as much damage to Republican states as they can," he asserted.
Southern Border gaps

The Biden administration's approach to border security is enabling drug cartels to expand their influence in border regions, Texas GOP Attorney General Ken Paxton warned Monday.

Speaking on the "Just the News, No Noise" television show, Paxton remarked on the recent deaths of a five family members in Cleveland, Texas, at the hands of an alleged assailant who has reportedly been deported four times.

"Well, look, I think what happened with those five people, you're gonna see a lot more of that," he warned. "[T]he Biden administration has not just allowed the cartels to expand, but they've actually encouraged them. They've aided and abetted them; they move people around for them, and the cartels are making billions every month.

"That means they're going to expand their network even more, because the more people they can bring in, they make money off of each person," he went on. "And then also, as you know, the border is wide open for drugs. And so the cartels are not going to give that up easily. They're going to want to continue this and grow it. And the Biden administration is doing everything in their power to help them do it."

Paxton then pointed to his numerous lawsuits challenging federal policy as one of the best bets to intervene in the administration's policy decisions. He further highlighted the harm that Washington's approach has inflicted on both Americans and migrants.

"They're not in this to help Americans. They're in this to get votes and to do as much damage to Republican states as they can," he asserted. "So, as cynical as that is, I challenge anybody to look at the result of what they're doing, what they're encouraging, what they're incentivizing and what they're helping aid and abet the cartels to do, to dispute what I just said."

Paxton further contended that China was playing a crucial role in the ongoing drug trafficking crisis, saying "[t]his is this is a team: China, cartels, Biden administration."

"And it's literally frustrating because we, we can't stop that production," he lamented. "We can't stop the transportation, we supposedly don't have the authority to do anything unless we can prove that a state law was broken. Otherwise, these you know, these people operate with almost impunity along the border."

"And they've got so much opportunity now because the border is not being manned anymore by, by Border Patrol," he continued. "It's being logistically controlled by the cartels, because Border Patrol is just doing logistics for all the immigrants coming in."

Co-host Amanda Head then questioned Paxton as to whether the ongoing migration surge was the product of insufficient legal framework to process new arrivals or if the government had merely failed to enforce existing law.

Paxton, in turn, asserted that former President Donald Trump was able to curb illegal migration through four key policies: namely, the implementation of the "Remain in Mexico" policy, the construction of a border wall, the elimination of catch and release, and the use of the Title 42 order.

He claimed that the Biden administration had successfully identified those pillars of the Trump system and deliberately disabled each of them.

"Everything that worked they got rid of, and then they say it's a broken system. You know who broke it? Them, by not following federal law, not enforcing federal law," he concluded.

Ben Whedon is an editor and reporter for Just the News. Follow him onĀ Twitter.