Eric Greitens: 'Hundreds of ID cards' on Mexican side of border, as Biden opens U.S. 'to terrorists'

"This is literally an open international border," the former Missouri governor said.
Migrant camp along Texas border

Retired Navy SEAL and current GOP Senate candidate in Missouri Eric Greitens recently visited the U.S.-Mexico border and found "hundreds of ID cards" on the Mexican side, left behind by illegal immigrants from Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and other countries, as "President Biden has opened the border to terrorists."

The former Missouri governor told the John Solomon Reports podcast Monday that illegal immigrants cross the American border without identification because U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) just writes down their names and tells them to appear in court in 90 days.

In addition to trash being strewn along the path to the border from Ciudad Acuna, "what you also see are literally hundreds of ID cards, Greitens said. "Because before people cross the border into the United States ... they throw their IDs on the ground."

When crossing the border, illegal immigrants "walk straight up to Customs and Border Patrol," who then "take them to the nearest office," where "the migrants then give them whatever name it is that they want to give them," he explained. "That name is written down on a piece of paper, they are told to report to court in 90 days, and then they're released into the United States of America."

"[I]f they claim that they're seeking refugee status in the United States of America, they might give" CBP any "name, any particular backstory that's going to help them to be admitted into the United States," Greitens said.

He mentioned that he picked up several IDs left near the border, which belonged to illegal immigrants from various countries, including Egypt, the UAE, Uruguay, Haiti, Argentina, Cuba, and Senegal.

Greitens added that the National Guard also encountered illegal immigrants from Iran crossing the southern border.

"This is literally an open international border," he said.

"Now, we, of course, cannot know for any individual who's crossing what their story is," Greitens added. "But we know if people are coming across from Egypt, they're coming across from a country which has a large Muslim Brotherhood faction, where there's been a longstanding conflict with Islamic militants in the Sinai Peninsula."

Mentioning he found an ID from the UAE belonging to a Nigerian, Greitens noted: "In the UAE, they just arrested six Nigerians associated with Boko Haram who were in the UAE for terrorist financing."

"President Biden has opened the border to terrorists," Greitens added.

Noting that CBP estimates that during the month of October anywhere from "600,000 to a million people are going to cross into the United States," Greitens said: "[T]he state of Missouri has a population of a little over 6 million. And so within six months — within six months — we will have the entire population of the state of Missouri will have crossed over into the border."

Greitens ticked off some of the representative decisions reflecting Biden approach to illegal immigration: The president stopped construction on the border wall, he "told the Customs and Border Patrol that they could not enforce American law" on immigration, and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced last week that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was ending raids of workplaces suspected of employing illegal immigrants.

"So all of this is part of a purpose-built plan," Greitens said. "This is not by accident, this is not incompetence, this is part of Biden's design, and it's having deadly consequences — not just for Americans, but also unfortunately, and perhaps most sadly, for some of the most vulnerable children in the world."