Tudor Dixon says open southern border is a 'pain point' for Michiganders

"People in Michigan are kind of done with the border. That's why it's such a big issue," Dixon said.
Tudor Dixon, Grand Rapids, Mich., Aug. 2, 2022

Former Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon said Wednesday that the southern border crisis is a "pain point" for those in her home state. 

"That's just another pain point for Michiganders in the state," Dixon said on the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "They're saying, 'Hey, we're sick of– we've had Chilean gangs coming across the border coming into Oakland County, Michigan, breaking into Michiganders homes. We have state reps that are supporting this.'"

"People in Michigan are kind of done with the border," she continued. "That's why it's such a big issue."

Last year, three Chilean nationals were accused of being involved in a series of burglaries across suburban Detroit and other parts of Michigan, according to The Associated Press.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said the three were part of an “an international crime ring” that “targeted lavish homes of affluent Michigan residents.”

Dixon said that local state officials who support illegal immigration are not being well-received by Michigan residents. 

Republicans have been very critical of President Joe Biden and his border policies, arguing that they are harming the country. 

The Homeland Security Department revealed last year that the backlog of tracking and vetting illegal aliens inside the U.S. has nearly doubled under Biden to over six million while arrests of suspected terrorists and violent offenders have also exploded.