GOP congresswoman calls Biden 'trafficker-in-chief,’ says lax border empowers human traffickers

"This administration refuses to secure the border because, for them, it ties right into their agenda of dependency and control," the Florida Republican said.
Migrants board a bus near McAllen, Texas, to be taken to a border patrol processing facility.
Brandon Bell/Getty Image

Rep. Kat Cammack lashed President Biden Thursday for enabling human trafficking by empowered cartels with his lax approach to border security.

"I call Biden the trafficker-in-chief," the Florida Republican told the John Solomon Reports podcast on Thursday. "He's not commander-in-chief, he's the trafficker-in-chief. And, you know, we've seen he's completing the trafficking cycle for the cartels.

"These cartels are making six grand on average per man, woman and child that they are trafficking across the border. They're not smuggling them across the border."

Illegal immigrants are unable to "afford a $6,000 price tag," she explained, "and so they'll scrounge up as much money as they possibly can, but then they have to end up working it off through the sex trade, through forced labor — all kinds of different ways that they're being manipulated and coerced and forced into this awful, awful practice, and it's just ... horrific."

Citing the number of single adults who have entered the country illegally according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) numbers, Cammack estimated their total transportation costs billed to U.S. taxpayers.

"[Y]ou're looking [at] well over 1.2 million individuals, to the tune of almost 90 million of taxpayer dollars that has gone to pay for airline tickets and bus tickets for these individuals to go all over the country," she said.

Before being released into the U.S., illegal immigrants are given "a little piece of paper," she said, "that says, 'In five years, you need to show up for your court date.' Well, I think we all know that not many people, virtually zero, will actually show up for that court date."

Cammack offered a scathing interpretation of the Biden administration's relaxed border policy.

"[T]his administration refuses to secure the border because, for them, it ties right into their agenda of dependency and control," she said.

"[I]f they were not trying to hide anything, if they were completely confident that the American people were accepting and willing to take on over 1.2 million illegals, they would not be flying people around the country in the dead of night, trying to sneak them into the communities," said Cammack.

In addition to opening the country to human trafficking, violent criminals and drugs, the porous borders are overtaxing U.S. social welfare systems, Cammack argued, noting that "just in Florida alone, they're aging kids out of the foster care systems to make room and accommodations for unaccompanied illegal children to be placed in foster care systems."

"So we're forsaking American kids for illegals," she continued, "and then you see what is happening with this strain on our system — it's healthcare, it's education. We are already experiencing tremendous delays and strains across all of our communities, and this is only amplifying that."