State Department says Iran nuclear deal 'not our focus right now'

"Iran’s demands are unrealistic," State Department spokesman Ned Price said.
Iranian nuclear facility
Worker walks inside uranium conversion facility just outside Isfahan, Iran, March 30, 2005
Getty Images

The State Department says reviving the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal is "not our focus right now" and that the Biden administration is now more focused on the anti-government protests that have engulfed the Islamic Republic. 

"That’s not our focus right now," department spokesperson Ned Price said Wednesday when asked about the deal.

However, he also said the administration was "still interested in pursuing" talks with Iran about a deal similar to the one reached in 2015 in which Iran agreed to wind down its development of nuclear weapons in exchange for the easing of international sanction.

"Iran’s demands are unrealistic," Price also said. "Nothing we’ve heard in recent weeks suggests they have changed their position. And so right now our focus ... is on the remarkable bravery and courage that the Iranian people are exhibiting through their peaceful demonstrations." 

Protests broke out in Iran last month following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in the custody of the government's so-called mortality police after she allegedly improperly wore an Islamic head covering.