Florida demands transgender policy documents from Biden administration

State health administration wants docs on treatment guidance.
Ron DeSantis, Nov. 2022

The Florida government has issued a Freedom of Information Act request against the White House demanding documents regarding the Biden administration’s transgender treatment policies.

The Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration made the FOIA requests “to both the Department of Justice and Department of Health and Human Services for documents pertaining to Florida’s policies on transgender healthcare,” the Daily Caller reported this week, citing documents it had reviewed. 

Among the documents requested by Florida include a March 2022 letter from the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division demanding that state attorneys general ensure their state’s medical treatment policies are in line with extremist trangender ideology. 

The state is also seeking records related to a March 2022 order from HHS that “threaten[ed] legal action against entities that discriminate against transgender individuals.”

Florida is currently the defendant in a lawsuit regarding the state’s policy of forbidding Medicaid dollars to be used for irreversible and/or untested “gender-affirming” procedures for people who identify as the opposite sex.