Florida Senate approves bill revoking Disney's special self-governing status

The special status may be reestablished next year.
Walt Disney World, Mar. 3, 2022

The Florida Senate on Wednesday passed a bill removing Disney's special self-governing and tax status after the company criticized Florida's parental rights bill.

The bill passed 23-16 during a special session that Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis called.

The legislation now heads to the Republican-controlled Florida House.

Disney has not commented on the bill as of publication.

"Disney is learning that they are a guest in this state," Florida state Rep. Randy Fine told Newsmax."They are a California company and we are not interested in their California values here in this state."

The bill nullifies any independent special district established by an act before Florida's constitution was ratified in 1968.

Reedy Creek Improvement District would be affected by the bill. The nearly 40 square miles of Disney property has operated as a county government since 1967.

The special district may be reestablished on or after June 1, 2023, if the area follows Florida legal requirements.

"It was unfortunate that Disney decided to wade into a political debate and attempt to overturn a common-sense law, enacted by a duly elected legislature and signed by a duly elected governor, with the support of the vast majority of Floridians," DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw said, according to The Epoch Times. "In fact, it was Disney that 'retaliated' by publicly vowing to 'repeal' or have the law 'struck down.'"