Ohio sec of state refers four more people who allegedly voted twice for voter fraud prosecution

Those referred for prosecution allegedly voted in two states.
A voter mailing a ballot at a post office box

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has referred four additional people for prosecution after his office found evidence that appears to show they voted in two states.

His office partnered with officials in Iowa, Missouri, Nevada and Oregon to find individuals who allegedly voted in another state, then cast an illegal second ballot in Ohio in the 2020 election, LaRose announced Wednesday.

Additional prosecution referrals are expected to be made.

"Voter fraud is exceedingly rare in Ohio because the word is out – if you try to vote twice, we will catch you," warned LaRose, a Republican.

The Secretary of State's investigation is part of a larger voter fraud probe in which 15 people have been referred for prosecution over the past month, including 10 illegal migrants.

In February, LaRose referred 62 people suspected of election fraud for prosecution.