Tennessee law would allow fathers to attempt to veto abortions

A man could petition courts if woman is pregnant with his child
The Tennessee State Capitol
The Tennessee State Capitol
(Douglas Sacha/Getty)

A proposed law in Tennessee would allow a man to attempt to veto abortions in cases where the prospectively abortive woman is pregnant with his child. 

The law, proposed as a pair of bills in the state House and Senate, would permit a person to "petition a court with jurisdiction over domestic relations matters" to request an injunction in order to "prohibit a woman who is pregnant with the person’s unborn child from obtaining an abortion."

The court "shall issue an injunction," the law stipulates, so long as the petitioner "is the biological father of the respondent’s unborn child" and "there is a reasonable probability that [the mother] will seek an abortion prior to giving birth to the unborn child."

Notably, fathers who petition for such injunctions do not have to provide DNA evidence in order to establish their paternity.