US Capitol Police arrest man outside Supreme Court building in suspicious vehicle

In August, a man who claimed to have a bomb inside his pickup truck nearby was arrest, after an hours-long standoff
Supreme Court

U.S. Capitol Police on Tuesday removed a man from a suspicious vehicle parked illegally in front of the Supreme Court and arrested him as the nine justices heard oral arguments inside of the building.

A Capitol Police official said the man, identified as Dale Paul Melvin, 55, was arrested by the force's tactical teams after officers failed to negotiate with the him, according to Reuters.

Officials said the Melvin, of Kimball, Michigan, gave no motive, only to make a statement "to the effect of 'the time for talking is done,' " before being removed from a sport utility vehicle, the official also said.

He also said no weapons so far have been found in connection with the incident.

In August, a man who claimed to have a bomb in a pickup truck near the U.S. Capitol surrendered to police after a standoff that gridlocked parts of Washington for over five hours, the wire service also reports.