Biden White House ‘Competition Council’ will seek to address ‘unfair competition’ in U.S. economy

Sweeping executive order an attempt to regulate big business.
White House South Side
The White House, South Side
Teddy Yoshida - Public Domain

President Joe Biden on Friday signed a major executive order designed to address alleged overconcentration of business in the U.S. economy, with the order creating a new council designed to further that goal.

The White House Competition Council will "work across agencies to provide a coordinated response to overconcentration, monopolization, and unfair competition in or directly affecting the American economy," the White House said in the executive order.

Members of the council include a lineup of the leaders of major federal agencies, including the secretaries of the Treasury, Labor, Agriculture, Health and Human Services and others, including the U.S. attorney general. 

The council "shall meet on a semi-annual basis unless the Chair determines that a meeting is unnecessary," the order directed.