Biden approval sinks to new low in CNN poll

The survey showed that more voters consider Biden's first year in office to be a failure than Trump's four years in office.
President Joe Biden wearing sun glasses.

President Joe Biden's approval rating has sunk to a new low in a CNN poll released Thursday.

While 41% of self-reported voters polled said they approve of the way Biden is "handling his job as president," 58% of respondents disapprove, 41% of whom "Disapprove strongly."

The survey, taken from Jan. 10 to Feb. 6, 2022, also showed that more voters consider Biden's first year in office to be a failure than they considered Trump's four years in office to be.

While 41% of voters considered Biden's first year a success, the same percentage of respondents to a CNN survey in Jan. 2021 considered Trump's four years a success. However, 57% called Biden's first year in office a failure compared to 55% who considered Trump's four years a failure as of one year ago.

Of those who say they disapprove of Biden's job, 56% were unable to name a single thing accomplishment of his they approved of in office.

The first CNN poll of Biden in March 2021 showed that 51% of respondents approved of Biden, while 41% disapproved of how he was doing his job.

Numerous things may be contributing to the decrease in approval numbers. 

For example, inflation is up 7.5% from last year, which makes it the largest year-over-year increase since 1982, Just the News reported.

The Biden administration has been criticized for the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, while another evacuation from Ukraine may come soon if Russia invades.

On the campaign trail, Biden pledged, "We’re going to beat this virus. We’re going to get it under control, I promise you." One year after Biden took office, some Democratic-controlled states are finally rolling back COVID-19 mandates, yet pandemic cases hit a record high in January 2022, according to Johns Hopkins.