Kamala Harris met with protests as she makes her first trip to the border as admin border czar

Pro-Trump activists bombard vice president with criticism.
Vice President Kamala Harris at El Paso International Airport, June 25

Protesters criticized Vice President Kamala Harris at the southern U.S. border this week as she made her first, long-delayed trip there as the Biden administration's pointwoman for addressing the illegal immigration crisis.

Video showed protesters in El Paso, Texas, waving signs with pro-Trump slogans and messages critical of Harris, such as one reading: "How many little girls need to be raped for this to be a crisis?"

At the El Paso demonstration, congressional candidate Irene Armendariz-Jackson claimed Harris "came a little too late." 

"We have had this crisis for years," Armendariz-Jackson said. "We need solutions. We don't need you parading in the Border Patrol station or acting like you care."

Harris has faced sustained criticism for her failure to appear at the border in the months since Biden appointed her to oversee the crushing surge of illegal immigration there. 

Harris repeatedly promised to visit the border; prior to that, she visited Guatemala, where she urged migrants to stay away from the U.S. border.