Rep. Boebert: 'Weak leadership is the cause of all of these crises' under Biden

While Democratic leadership is not addressing these crises, Republicans are proposing bills to do so, says GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert.
Joe Biden, Apr. 14
Joe Biden, Apr. 14

The current crises under the Biden administration – including the border surge, weak jobs recover, pipeline hack and now the Israel-Hamas conflict – is the result of "weak leadership," GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert said Wednesday. 

"Weak leadership is the cause of all of these crises," the first-term Colorado lawmaker told the "John Solomon Reports" podcast. "Everything that we're seeing from the crisis at the southern border, from our infrastructure being hacked, from what's going on in Israel – Hamas would have never tried this with a strong leader in the United States of America. Israel is our ally, and unfortunately, because we have weak leadership right now, they're paying the price for it."

Hamas has launched hundreds of rockets at Israel since Monday, with Israel responding via dozens of airstrikes, the Associated Press reported.

"We have real issues that need to be addressed and problems that need to be solved," Boebert said, "and we're not seeing that with Democrat leadership."

In just the recent weeks and days under Democratic President Joe Biden, the number of new jobs created in the U.S. last month was vastly below expectations, the number of encounters between U.S. border agents and illegal immigrants has reached a two-decade high, and a pipeline that delivers roughly 45% of the East Coast's petroleum last week was hacked. 

Boebert, known during her winning 2020 congressional campaign for wearing a handgun in a holster, argues that House Republicans, though not in control of the chamber, are trying to solve these crises.

"I had my Protecting American Energy Jobs Act, and that reverses Biden's executive orders on our energy," she said on the podcast. "And look what happened when this pipeline was hacked. We should not be in a state of emergency over one pipeline in the United States of America. I have a great alternative: Let's get the Keystone XL pipeline going. And so, you know, I'm happy to partner with (fellow GOP Rep.) Chip Roy and lead on energy issues."

She also argued Arizona GOP Rep. Andy Biggs has taken a leader on the border crisis.

"I'm just so proud to partner with all of these members on this," Boebert said.