Amazon says corporate leaders must work in-person ‘at least three days a week’

Company winds down its pandemic policies three years after implementing them.
An Amazon location in Augny, France

Amazon on Friday said that it would require its corporate staffers to show up at its offices for a majority of the workweek, a move to roll back the permissive work policies it implemented at the outset of the pandemic.

Company CEO Andy Jassy said in a memo on the company’s website that a review of the company’s productivity culture led leadership to conclude “that we should go back to being in the office together the majority of the time (at least three days per week).”

The company along with most other major American institutes had implemented hybrid and work-from-home policies at the outset of the COVID crisis in early 2020; Amazon’s assessment of the necessity of work-from-home arrangements “evolved as the pandemic wore on and then eased,” Jassy wrote.

“It’s easier to learn, model, practice, and strengthen our culture when we’re in the office together most of the time and surrounded by our colleagues,” he wrote on Friday.

The new changes will go into effect in May, Jassy noted.