At record-setting Young Women's Leadership Summit, Owens tells attendees ready for 'culture battle'

Turning Point USA is hosting a young women's conservative conference with 2,500 women in attendance this weekend.
Sarah Palin speaking at the Young Women's Summit on June 12.

Organizers of this weekend's Young Women's Leadership Summit on Saturday announced a record turnout, in an event that features speeches from such conservative voices as Lara Trump, Rep. Lauren Boebert, Tomi Lahren and Candace Owens, who urged attendees to prepare for "the culture battle that lies ahead."

Turning Point USA, which sponsors the event, said the 2,500 who gathered this year in Dallas is the most since the event started in 2015. 

"Something has shifted ... and it's so crucial that I'm standing in a room filled with young women because the cultural battle that lies ahead is really going to focus on young women realizing and recognizing what's happening," Owens said of the current political climate in the country, which in recent weeks and months has largely been dominated by debates about COVID vaccine participation and school curricula incorporating critical race theory.

Owens, the founder of the Blexit movement, which encourages minorities to leave the Democrat Party, argued this weekend's turnout and the growing success of other recent conservative events show that liberals are losing the culture battle.

"When more of us begin to speak out, when we dare to meet in a room, when we dare to ask questions, when we sue the fact checkers, when we say, 'Hey, do what you want, but I'm not touching your vaccine,' it lets them know that they're not going to use fear mechanisms to make me behave," she told the audience. 

The conference started on Thursday night and will end Sunday afternoon.