Miami-Dade shooting leaves 2 dead and 7 injured: report

A security guard and the shooter are the two who died in the incident.
Crime scene, file photo

A shooting incident in Miami-Dade County, Florida, left two people dead and seven others injured on Saturday. 

Chief of Police Edwin Lopez told reporters at a press conference that officers at the scene stopped the situation from escalating. 

The incident started around 3:30 a.m.after an altercation between patrons at a martini bar at CityPlace Doral, according to Fox News.

Eventually it escalated and someone pulled out a gun and shot and killed a security guard who had tried to intervene.

Two Doral Police officers were working at the location and responded immediately. One of the officers was hit during the exchange of fire, in which he shot and killed the shooter. 

The officer is reportedly in stable condition. 

"This is an extremely disappointing day in our South Florida community," Lopez said. "Anytime a law enforcement officer is shot, it tears at the core fabric of our community. But we are grateful that he is alive and in stable condition, and we look forward to completing this investigation."