New database compares Jan. 6 arrests, police assaults, damage to 2020 protests, 2017 inauguration

The project was created by RealClearInvestigations.
2017 Inauguration Day

A new data-drive investigation released Thursday finds the summer 2020 social justice demonstrations resulted in roughly 15 times more injured police officers, 30 times as many arrests and property damage roughly 1,300 times more costly than those related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.  

The project was created by RealClearInvestigations and includes a continuously updated database on the arrests, police assaults and cost of property damage.

"Many in the political and media establishment have cast the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol as one of the darkest episodes in American history, comparing an episode … to 9/11, Pearl Harbor, the Civil War, and the British sacking of the capital city in 1814,” reads the introduction to the project.  

"Democrats have also spearheaded a congressional investigation – one focused on the former president – that will likely stretch into next election season.

"Republicans, Trump supporters, and others see a double standard at play in Democrats’ emphasis on Jan. 6. … It is clear, then, that many Americans see two sides to this story.

"In keeping with its mission to fill gaps in press coverage, RealClearInvestigations is launching a running compendium of data, with hyperlinked sourcing, comparing the damage done on Jan. 6, and the subsequent treatment of those accused of perpetrating it, with two other recent events: the summer 2020 riots and – in some ways a closer analogy – the all-but-forgotten riot in Washington on Inauguration Day 2017."