Woman charged in Capitol riot alleges Proud Boys recruited her

To prove she had been recruited, the defendant showed off a two-sided "challenge coin" from the Proud Boys' Kansas City chapter.
Capitol riot

An Arizona woman charged in connection with participating in the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot says she was recruited by a chapter of the extremist group Proud Boys, considered a misogynistic group.

The woman, Felicia Konold, said in a Snapchat video that she was recently recruited by the group's Kansas City chapter, which had previously not permitted female members.

"It is ironic that such a deeply misogynistic organization has attracted someone who is a woman to join their organization," said Eric Ward, a senior fellow with the Southern Poverty Law Center. "It tells us there is dissension in the ranks of Proud Boys right now."

Konold, 26, is being charged with conspiracy, civil disorder and other federal charges as a result of the riot at the Capitol, according to the Associated Press.

Konold said in the video of her at the riot that she never would have pictured having such an impact on what occurred.

"All my boys, behind me, holding me up in the air, pushing back," she said.

In the video, in an attempt to prove that she had been recruited by the chapter, she showed a two-sided "challenge coin" that displays markings intended to prove it belonged to the group.

"The fact she has that coin, the challenge coin, tells me there is something happening around gender in the Proud Boys — and it is something worth paying attention to," continued Ward, also the executive director of the Western States Center, a civil rights advocacy group that works to advance gender equity, the wire service also reports.