Goodyear president affirms company's support for police, says employees can wear pro-police clothing

President Trump on Wednesday had urged people to boycott the company. 

Updated: August 21, 2020 - 8:38am

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    Goodyear Chairman, CEO and President Rich Kramer on Thursday released a statement following public uproar over a slide shown at a Topeka, Kansas plant that suggested pro-police apparel should be banned.

    The slide categorized "Blue Lives Matter," "All Lives Matter," "MAGA Attire" and "Political Affiliated Slogans or Material" as "unacceptable" but described "Black Lives Matter" and "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender Pride" as "acceptable."

    "The slide in question was created by a plant employee to try to explain what is acceptable to wear in the workplace. The slide was not approved or distributed by Goodyear Corporate or anyone outside of that facility," Kramer explained.

    President Trump on Wednesday had urged people to boycott the company.

    Goodyear in a Wednesday statement said that its corporate office had not created or disseminated the slide shown in the photo. The company also explained that it does not permit workers to engage in political activities in the workplace and affirmed its support for both law enforcement and "equality."

    Kramer in his Thursday statement reiterated the company's support for law enforcement and said that workers are free to wear pro-police clothing.

    "We have clarified our policy to make it clear associates can express support for law enforcement through apparel at Goodyear facilities," he said.

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