Bezos falls in world’s richest rankings as Indian business tycoon moves up the list

Gautam Adani edges out Bezos to come in at #3; Musk still a distant first.
Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos saw his coveted rank on the list of world’s richest people drop a notch on Friday as a rapidly shifting top-spot lineup pushed him into fourth place.

Indian business tycoon Gautam Adani moved into the #3 spot on Forbes’s rich list on Friday, finishing the day with just over $150 billion to his name ahead of Bezos’s roughly $147 million. 

Adani, whose family fortune includes a vast portfolio of various industries including energy and data, still ranks behind French billionaire Bernard Arnaut, though by just a few billion. 

All the top competitors, meanwhile, remain distantly behind Elon Musk, whose staggering fortune of over $270 billion continues to be the biggest on the list by a huge margin. 

The shifting positions on the list mirrored a volatile day at the stock market in which prices bucked and dropped amid ongoing fears of a potential recession on the near horizon.