Ford raises price of electric pickup again, now $15k over initial cost

Company says "rising material costs" partly to blame.
A Ford Lightning on an assembly line in Michigan

Ford has yet again raised the price of its upcoming all-electric Lightning pickup trucks, putting the entry-level price of the vehicles nearly 50% higher than their starting prices. 

The company originally announced in May 2021 that the F150 Lightning would retail at just over $39,000, a price point that many analysts noted was significantly cheaper than other comparable electric vehicles. 

In the roughly 18 months since, however, the company has raised the price at least three times, with the truck now projected to cost just under $56,000, a roughly 40% increase. 

The company told CNBC this week that "rising material costs, market factors, and ongoing supply chain constraints" have helped to drive up the opening price of the vehicle. 

Ford has been manufacturing its F-series of pickup trucks since the late 1940s.