In worrying sign for restaurants, consumers look to continue home cooking even after pandemic ends

Cooking at home shot up during pandemic and may stay up, survey suggests.
Home cooking
Home cooking

A U.S. poll of consumers suggests restaurants may face revenue difficulties even after the pandemic recedes as more and more consumers signal their intent to continue cooking more meals at home. 

A survey performed by Deloitte found that, among U.S. consumers who participated in the polling, "many said they will be buying fresh food and cooking [after the pandemic ends] more than they did before the pandemic." 

Respondents claimed that their "frequency [of dining out] will remain stunted compared to 2019, at least in the medium term."

Just 7% of consumers "said they would be cooking less after the pandemic than before," while "almost half ... said they would be cooking more."

Citing industry data, Deloitte suspected that simple preference for home-cooked meals is one of the driving factors in that shift. 

"Consumers have gotten better at cooking," the company said, "and, with new services to seamlessly bring groceries to your door, cookbook sales up 145%, and countertop appliance sales increasing 32% in 2020, it’s easier to choose what many see as a healthier option."