Alan Dershowitz says diversity of thought is important, says modern diversity is a 'phony concept'

"Diversity is a simple cover for 'we want more of us.'"
Alan Dershowitz, New York City, 2017

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz says that diversity is a "phony concept" and if institutions really cared about diversity, they would support diversity of thought.

"Nobody wants real diversity," Alan Dershowitz said on Wednesday's edition of the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "If people wanted diversity, they would be bringing into universities and into the cities people who are Christian fundamentalists or people who are from the Ozarks."

"Diversity is a phony concept," Dershowitz continued. "All it means is whatever you are, you want more of. You want more liberals, you want more African Americans, you want more whatever it is. It has nothing to do with diversity. Diversity is a simple cover for 'we want more of us.'"

A recent poll showed that 26% of hiring managers in the U.S. say they are "less likely to move forward with hiring Jewish applicants." The reason according to the survey is because of the belief that Jews have too much power and control in America. 

"It has a lot to do with this phony quest for diversity because the people who want diversity — what they want is proportional representation," Dershowitz said in response to the survey. "So if African Americans are 13% of the population, they want 13% of the people hired to be black. Whereas Jews are only 2% of the population and if a Jew meritoriously deserves a job, we're gonna get back to the old European system of quotas, where everybody is picked or selected, based on what proportion of the population they represent."

Dershowitz said a lot of this anti-Semitism has been going on for a long time. 

"It's not surprising that the Jews are the canary in the mine," Dershowitz stated. "They're often the first ones who are discriminated against. It's no surprise that it manifests itself in hiring policies in the United States as well."