Devin Nunes says that TRUTH Social is a part of the 'internet superhighway' that's being built

Nunes said that everyone is welcome on Truth Social, regardless of political views.
Truth Social
Illustration of Truth Social app. (UNDATED.)
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Former California Rep. Devin Nunes says that platforms such as TRUTH Social are becoming a place of free speech and are part of an "internet superhighway." 

"What I like to tell people is that we're building our own internet superhighway, right between us and Rumble and others that are participating in this process," Nunes said on the Tuesday edition of the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show.

"Remember the old internet superhighway?" Nunes asked. "We have to build a whole new one because everyone is being cancelled if you don't pray to the supposed woke gods."

Nunes, who is the CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, the parent company of the social media platform TRUTH Social, went on to say that he hopes that this new internet superhighway will continue to grow and be an online forum for free speech.

"We can only do what we can do, and that is to continue to build methodically and slowly, our social media company," Nunes stated. "Even as we sit here today, it's still not fully launched. We're still not in the Google Play Store, but we did get in the Samsung Galaxy store."

Nunes said that everyone is welcome on Truth Social, regardless of political views.

"We really are becoming the home to what I would say, center and center right websites and news places that are getting buried by the big tech companies," Nunes said. "In addition, let's not forget, we also we have Democrats, including former Democrats like Tulsi Gabbard, who's now no longer a Democrat today. But she was one of the first people that joined the platform. So we accept all comers."

Nunes said that TRUTH Social is going to be different from other platforms like Twitter and Facebook in many different ways.

"We're not serving up any special algorithm feed, like you're gonna get on Instagram, or Facebook or Twitter for that matter," Nunes concluded.