Massachusetts diver swallowed, spit out by humpback whale

“I’m done, I’m dead,” diver thought before surviving incident.
Humpback whales

A lobster diver in Massachusetts this week revealed a harrowing account of being briefly swallowed by a humpback whale before being spit out by the giant beast.

Michael Packard told local news station WBZ-TV that he had been in the water off the Provincetown coast when he felt a “huge shove,” after which “the next thing I knew it was completely black.”

Packard said he realized he was “in a whale’s mouth. . . and he’s trying to swallow me.”

“My only thought was how to get out of that mouth,” Packard added, stating that he feared he would die. 

He was subsequently spit out by the whale and later released from a hospital with only minor injuries.