Severe storms bring unearthly green sky to Sioux Falls, SD

Green skies are often associated with violent thunderstorms.
The storm front outside Sioux Falls, Jul. 5
The storm front outside Sioux Falls, Jul. 5
(Nathen Erickson/Twitter)

Severe thunderstorms blowing across the U.S. plains on Tuesday brought with them unearthly green skies, a phenomenon often associated with violent, fast-moving weather fronts. 

The storm reportedly brought with them hail, strong wind and heavy rain. Social media videos showed the unsettling green hue saturating the local landscape. 

 The strong green lighting accompanying certain severe storms is due to the way in which sunlight is refracted through storm clouds, AccuWeather meteorologist Isaac Longley told UPI.

"Light underneath a tall thundercloud appears blue due to the scattering by water droplets," Longley told the news service. "When the blue light is illuminated by the red light from the setting sun, it appears green, which is why some thunderstorms have that greenish hue to it."