Border Patrol agents rescue 40 illegal immigrants trapped in metal box

The metal box had to be broken apart with a power tool, agents said.
Border Patrol
U.S. Border Patrol agent in West Enfield, Maine, near Canada border. Aug. 1, 2021.
(Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

Rio Grande Sector Border Patrol agents on Tuesday rescued 40 illegal immigrants trapped in a metal box, Customs and Border Protection stated in a press release.

A K-9 alerted the officers to a truck pulling a flatbed trailer with large metal boxes.

Agents discovered a small vent on one of the boxes, and when it was removed, 40 migrants were found sitting inside, law enforcement stated.

"The metal sided box had to be broken apart by unscrewing multiple bolts using a power tool found in the truck. The box had no other opening or means of escape for the occupants," Customs and Border Protection observed.

The migrants came from Central America and Mexico and the driver was a U.S. citizen, the agency noted. The migrants and the driver were detained.

After searching the truck, Border Patrol agents found a power tool, a handgun and loaded magazines that were turned over to the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office along with the truck, the trailer, and the driver.

Border encounters hit more than 221,000 in March, the highest level the Biden administration so far.