Arizona schools must give students moment of silence each day

New law requires all public and charter schools to give students a moment of silence.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill to ensure that students will have time to take a moment of silence at school each day.

Ducey signed House Bill 2707 that requires all public and charter schools to give students a moment of silence at the beginning of the day. The one-to-two-minute moment of silence can be used in a way determined by the student and their parents.

“As we’re working to get Arizona kids refocused in the classroom, we should also work to get them refocused emotionally,” Ducey said in his Tuesday announcement. “That’s exactly what H.B. 2707 does, ensuring all schools set aside time every day for students to engage in a moment of silence. This gives our kids the opportunity to take time to remember, reflect, meditate, pray, prepare for the day ahead or anything they – and their parents – choose.”

The bill passed through both chambers of the legislature and received bipartisan support. It passed the House 47-12 and the Senate 16-11. Private schools, parochial schools and homeschools are exempt from the requirement.

State Representative Alma Hernandez, D-Tucson, sponsored the bill in the House. She worked across the aisle on what she says is a bill that will help students’ mental health.

“I was proud to work with fellow Arizonans and my colleagues at the legislature on H.B. 2707,” said Rep. Hernandez. “Giving students a moment every school day to pray, gather their thoughts, reflect or anything they choose to do will help them focus and strengthen their mental and emotional health. Thank you to the members of the Jewish community who advocated for this legislation, everyone who played a role in getting it passed by the legislature, and to Governor Ducey for signing it into law.”