Boot camps put Ohio teachers in real-world businesses to learn to better prepare students

According to Gov. Mike DeWine, the program will help teachers better prepare students for a career after graduation.
Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

Ohio plans to spend $500,000 in taxpayer funds to reimburse colleges and universities across the state for K-12 teacher continuing education programs called “Teacher Bootcamps.”

The program puts teachers in local businesses to expose them to in-demand career skills specific communities need. According to Gov. Mike DeWine, that will help teachers better prepare students for a career after graduation.

“This kind of real-world experience will give our teachers a better understanding of what businesses are looking for when they hire, allowing teachers to better prepare students,” DeWine said. “This is another tool teachers have to help their students be college or career ready after graduation.”

The programs are run through colleges and universities, which are reimbursed once a teacher completes the program. The state hopes to expose teachers to advanced manufacturing, broadband, cybersecurity, health care, transportation and other trades.

"With the current and future job growth in these high-demand fields, it's critical to have the educators in place who will prepare Ohio's skilled workforce," Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor Randy Gardner said. "The Teacher Bootcamp Program is one more way to ensure we meet that need."

Colleges and universities must submit qualifying coursework in boot camp format and may include continuing education units or graduate credit coursework.

"Education and student preparedness are most effective when there is collaboration between the private and public sectors. This is the driving force behind the initiation of teacher bootcamps," Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said. "During these programs, teachers are immersed in the local business community, gaining insights into various careers and understanding the essential skills students require for success. Armed with this knowledge, educators return to their schools better equipped to provide students with the necessary tools and guidance for a prosperous career path."