Commercial lobster diver claims to have been swallowed by a humpback whale off coast of Cape Cod

At first he thought it was a shark, he said, until he realized he wasn't bitten.
Humpback whale

A lobster diver says he was swallowed whole by a humpback whale off the coast of Massachusetts on Friday, but he escaped with just minor injuries.

Michael Packard, 56, said that he was 45 feet deep in the waters off the coast of Provincetown when he encountered the whale. He said that at first he thought it was a shark, but when he didn't feel any teeth or pain, he realized it was not a shark. 

He was cared for at a Cape Cod hospital, and posted his story on Facebook:  

"Hi everyone, I just want to clarify what happened to me today. I was lobster diving and A humpback whale tried to eat me. I was in his closed mouth for about 30 to 40 seconds before he rose to the surface and spit me out. I am very bruised up but have no broken bones.

"I want to thank the Provincetown rescue squad for there caring and help.

"Michael packard"

"Based on what was described this would have to be a mistake and an accident on the part of the humpback," said Jooke Robbins, director of Humpback Whale Studies at the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown.