Six Oklahoma high school girls killed in crash with semi-truck

"Our hearts are broken, and we are grieving with our students and staff," the superintendent said.
( Douglas Sacha/Getty)

Six high school girls died Tuesday afternoon in Oklahoma after a car collided with a semi-truck, law enforcement stated.

The girls were in a "small passenger vehicle" in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, when their car collided at an intersection with a semi-truck around 1:30 p.m., local time, Oklahoma Highway Patrol confirmed to CNN.

The cause of the crash and the driver's condition remain unknown, authorities stated.

Tishomingo Public Schools superintendent Bobby Waitman released a statement on the fatal crash. 

"We feel it is imperative that we inform you that our District has suffered a great loss today involving high school students," he wrote.

"Our hearts are broken, and we are grieving with our students and staff. We have counselors available to students presently," he said, adding that schools "will be in session tomorrow at each campus, but our focus will be the emotional well-being of our students."

Just over 260 students attend Tishomingo High School, according to U.S. News and World Report.