Wyoming governor signs bill banning gender-affirming care for minors, vetoes abortion restrictions

Those who break the "gender-affirming care" law could have their license removed
Mark Gordon

Wyoming GOP Gov. Mark Gordon signed a bill on Friday that bans doctors from performing "gender-affirming care" surgeries on minors and also vetoed a bill that would limit abortion access. 

Gordon signed Senate File 99, “Children gender change prohibition" into law, which bans doctors from performing "gender-affirming care" surgeries on minors. They are also not allowed to prescribe puberty blockers to minors. 

Those who break this law could have their license removed, according to a local outlet.

On the same day, he vetoed "House Bill 148, ”Regulation of Abortions,” which would have put regulations on surgical abortion clinics.

This bill would have required surgical abortion clinics to be under the label of outpatient surgical centers, which would add to the cost to operate, according to NBC News.  

He said in a statement that the bill would have “had the potential to further delay the resolution of this critical issue for the unborn.”