Alternative social media site CloutHub defends publishing MyPillow CEO’s election fraud video

"We should have the confidence to hear differing opinions."
Mike Lindell

The head of the social media company CloutHub this week defended publishing a video by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell in which he presented alleged proof of election fraud.

CloutHub executive Jeff Brain argued in making decision that Lindell, and everyone, should enjoy the freedom to share their views. 

Lindell, a vocal supporter of  former President Trump, has come under fire in recent weeks for his repeated assertions of a stolen 2020 election. His lately published video constituted what he claimed was "ultimate proof" of that theft. 

Noting that "legacy" social media had begun to remove the video shortly after Lindell published it, Brain wrote in an email to CloutHub users: "We are deeply concerned by the move of other platforms to remove Mr. Lindell's video. But we recognize that being a place for political debate is not their focus."

"CloutHub is a platform created specifically as a place for people to address the civic, social and political issues that impact their lives, communities, freedoms, and country," he continued. "As such, CloutHub is where topics like those raised in Mike's video should be brought forth, discussed and debated."

Brain has repeatedly touted CloutHub as an alternative social media site meant to promote a more vibrant and less-censorious user experience. In his email to users, he said his site "doesn't shy away from the tough issues - we welcome them." 

"In a free society, which America is, the public deserves to hear the views from all sides of the political spectrum on the important issues and form their own opinions." he wrote.