Tech real estate company touts 'first of its kind' house custom-built for blockchain

Company says luxury houses will be incorporated with "design infrastructure."
Visualization of a Royal Blockhouse
Visualization of a Royal Blockhouse
(Prometheus International)

A tech-based real estate company says it is deploying a new breed of housing it calls "royal blockhouses," what it describes as "a cutting-edge revolutionary project" that will incorporate blockchain technology into its very design. 

The Royal Blockhouse "will be a collection of 24 international luxury villas, designed by Prometheus, Scandinavian, Spanish and Portuguese architects," Prometheus International says on its website.

"These will be deployed in idyllic locations worldwide, setting a new standard within the international property development space for permanent luxury real estate," the company claims.

Most notable among its features, the houses will be a "re-imagining of how we live" in part because it will "be fully operational on the blockchain, from smart home features, licensing, royalties, rent, fees, technology, access, payments, ledger of tenants and so on."

Ownership of the property will be tied to ownership of a specific non-fungible token, the company said, with "[the] first owner of the NFT decid[ing] which location house will be built."

"Property can be sold in future by transfer of the NFTs to new owner," the company stated. 

Delivery of the home is expected in the third quarter of 2023, Prometheus declares on its site.