YouTuber discovers missing teenagers' sunken car in Tennessee river, solving 21-year-old mystery

“Exploring With Nug” posts videos diving on U.S. rivers.
The discovered car being removed from the Calfkiller River

A YouTube river-diving personality announced a stunning discovery this month when he revealed the discovery of a sunken vehicle in a Tennessee river, one connected to a 21-year-old cold case involving two missing teenagers.

Jeremy Sides said he was attempting to track down the whereabouts of the car driven by Tenneseee teens Erin Foster and Jeremy Bechtel, both of whom were last seen in April 2000. 

Acting on advice of local law enforcement, Sides dredged White County’s Calfkiller River with sonar and saw the return signature of a sunken car. Upon diving, he found it to be the same car in which the two teens were last seen. 

The vehicle was then pulled from the river, and human remains found inside and will be subject to DNA testing. 

Sides documented the saga on his YouTube channel. 

“When I looked at the town where they were last seen, I saw that a big river ran through it,” the YouTuber told CNN. “That just told me to go."