Missouri AG sues Planned Parenthood for 'trafficking' minors to get abortions outside the state

"What Planned Parenthood conceals and conspires to do in the dark of night has now been uncovered," Bailey wrote on X, formerly called Twitter.
Attorney General Andrew Bailey talks with Just the News, No Noise about court upholding Missouri v. Biden

Missouri GOP Attorney General Andrew Bailey has filed a lawsuit against a Planned Parenthood chapter alleging that it has been "trafficking minors" across state lines to get abortions without parental consent. 

"This is the beginning of the end for Planned Parenthood in the State of Missouri," Bailey wrote on the social media platform, X. "This lawsuit is the culmination of a multi-year campaign to drive Planned Parenthood from the State of Missouri because of its flagrant and intentional refusal to comply with state law."

The lawsuit filed Thursday accuses the Great Plains chapter of unlawful behavior, allegedly captured on camera, of staffers taking minors across state lines to get an abortion procedure without parental knowledge.

The video, taken by the far-right activist group, Project Veritas, know for its undercover videos, allegedly showed a conversation between a Planned Parenthood employee and someone impersonating an individual seeking an abortion for a 13-year-old.

“Planned Parenthood’s most recent troubling activity was captured on video, where Planned Parenthood staff admitted they traffic minors across state lines to perform abortions on them without parental consent,” the lawsuit reads. “Worse, they admit doing this ‘every day, every day, every day.’”

Chapter President and CEO Emily Wales says the group does not provides transportation for patients. 

“We will continue following state and federal laws and proudly providing Missourians with the compassionate sexual and reproductive care that remains available to them in a state with a total abortion ban,” she said, according to The Associated Press.

 Project Veritas did not return a call Thursday from the wire service seeking comment. 

The lawsuit also said that Planned Parenthood failed to comply with other laws, including not filing reports when women undergo complications during a procedure.