Donald Trump announces 2020 election book 'Crime of the Century'

Trump said the book is depressing, but necessary to publish
Donald Trump, Commerce, Ga., March 26, 2022

Former President Donald Trump announced he is writing a book about the 2020 election titled "The Crime of the Century."

"This is the crime of the century. I'm actually writing a book about it called 'The Crime of the Century,'" he told American Freedom Tour rallygoers in Austin, Texas, on Saturday.

Trump admitted the book will not be uplifting.

"I don't think you'll enjoy it. You'll be very depressed when you read it, but we want to have it down for his historic reasons [sic],"  he noted.

The book will focus on problems in the 2020 election. 

Trump said that paper ballots were "changed" during that time.

"People are walking in and out with boxes [of ballots]. 'Where the hell are you going?' 'I don't know. We're just moving them around a little bit,'" Trump said, mimicking a situation he says happened in 2020. 

"This is the hoax, heist. This is one of the greatest crimes in the history of our country and sadly, the prosecutors don't want to do anything about it. They go after other people. They don't want to go after criminals that kill people on the streets," Trump stated. "They like going after Republicans. That's what they really like."

This would be the 19th book published under Trump's name.