Media refers to Kari Lake as Trumpism's 'Leading Lady'

According to a recent poll done by Real Clear Politics, Lake has edged ahead of Hobbs by 1.1% at 48% - 46.9%. 
Former Fox News Anchor Kari Lake speaks during the Rally To Protect Our Elections conference on July 24, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Media outlets such as The Atlantic, have referred to Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake as the "Leading Lady" of Trumpism. 

"The way Lake has imitated Trump's rhetoric is obvious, but as I've followed her in the months since, something else has become clear: She is much better at this than Trump's other emulators," Elaine Godfrey at The Atlantic wrote.

The Atlantic article, headlined "Trumpism Has Found Its Leading Lady," stated: "Kari Lake not only won Trump's endorsement but has emerged as his most talented emulator. Is she the new face of the MAGA movement?"

Politico has reported that Lake has a special place in former President Trump's heart.

"There has been so much buzz around Lake that it has led to speculation in her circles and among her right-wing fans that she could be on Trump's short list for a potential running mate, should she ultimately become governor and he run again for president," Politico reported.

According to Kari Lake's campaign spokesperson Ross Trumble, Lake is honored to have former President Trump's support and endorsement. 

"She is solely focused on defeating Katie Hobbs and advancing the Arizona First agenda," Trumble told Politico. 

As of now, her Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs has refused to debate Lake, resulting in Lake launching her "Ask Me Anything Tour" where she goes around different parts of Arizona and answers questions about why she would be a good governor. 

"I am so excited to announce my 'Ask Me Anything' tour," Lake announced in a Twitter video. "That's right. Ask me anything. Hate me? Trust me? Are you still a little skeptical? That's fine. I signed up for this. I am applying for the job of governor and you, the voter, are the Hiring Manager." 

According to a recent poll done by Real Clear Politics, Lake has edged ahead of Hobbs by 1.1% at 48% - 46.9%.