Terrorist propaganda taking over pro-Trump social network

GETTR was established as a free-speech platform that would not be censored like other social networks.
Former President Donald Trump speaks at CPAC 2021.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The pro-Trump social network GETTR is being inundated with terrorist propaganda by supporters of the Islamic State, according to a news report.

The post feature violent and graphic material, including videos allegedly by ISIS that show beheadings and memes of former President Trump being executed, according to review by Politico of the platform’s online activity.

The news outlet said it found over 250 accounts posting regularly on the site since early July, many of which were promoting such material. 

An expert on such matters has suggested such posters flocked to GETTR after being tipped off by Facebook.

"On Facebook, there was on one of these accounts that I follow that is known to be Islamic State, which said 'Oh, Trump announced his new platform. Inshallah, all the mujahideen will exploit that platform,' " Moustafa Ayad, executive director for Africa, the Middle East and Asia at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and the first person who discovered the jihadi accounts, told Politico.

Ayad also said the next day "there were at least 15 accounts on that were Islamic State."

Trump is not directly connected to the network, but its chief executive, Jason Miller is a former Trump spokesperson. 

Additionally, the site is partially funded by Miles Guo who is connected to Trump through being the business partner of former White House adviser Steve Bannon.

"ISIS is trying to attack the MAGA movement because President Trump wiped them off the face of the earth, destroying the Caliphate in less than 18 months, and the only ISIS members still alive are keyboard warriors hiding in caves and eating dirt cookies," said Miller said, also according to Politico.