Trump approval higher than when he left office, now 85% among GOP, 52% overall: Poll

Trump's favorability is still higher than Biden and Harris' approval ratings.
Former President Donald Trump
Former President Donald Trump
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More than half of voters currently view former President Donald Trump favorably, a slight increase from when he left the Oval Office, according to a Rasmussen poll released Thursday.

On Jan. 20, 2021, Trump's Rasmussen approval rating was 51%, and his approval rating with Republicans was 84%. In a Rasmussen survey Jan. 4-5 of 1,000 likely U.S. voters, his approval went up slightly; 52% said they view the former president favorably, including 85% of Republicans.

In the most recent poll, more than one in five Democrats (23%) and more than half of independents (51%) view the 45th president favorably, The Washington Examiner reports. One in three of all American voters have a "very favorable" view of Trump, but more people have a "very unfavorable" view of him at 38%.

The latest ratings come as another Rasmussen survey published Thursday found that 28% of likely U.S. voters believe President Joe Biden will be reelected and 21% think he is likely to resign before 2024. If this happens, Vice President Kamala Harris will be elevated to the Oval Office, but her approval rating is at 40%, about three points lower than Biden's, FiveThirtyEight reports.

Faith in Biden is also low among Democrats, 55% of whom believe he will win a second term. 

Even averaging multiple polls from different groups, Trump's favorability is still higher than Biden and Harris' approval ratings.

In addition, 52% of respondents to Rassmussen's most recent poll believe "others are making decisions for [Biden] behind the scenes," while 37% believe he is "really doing the job of president" and 10% are unsure.