Trump may visit border soon, 'very concerned' by migrant surge, adviser says

Trump believes he would "not have allowed this on my watch," Jason Miller says of border crisis.
President Trump visits a section of the growing border wall in Arizona in June.
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump, who made building a border wall a lynchpin of his 2016 campaign win, "is really concerned" by the migrant surge and may soon visit the souther border, an adviser says

Jason Miller said President Biden's reversal of Trump era policies and comments inviting migrants to the United States had created a crisis. "This is an absolute disaster," he told Mike Berry's podcast on KTRH in Detroit.

Asked whether Trump might go to the southern border, Miller answered: "We discussed that recently. I could see him doing that soon. One of the things I think President Trump wanted President Biden to go and fail on his own" before he made a statement at the border.

"Not immediately, but I could see a trip, some point in the future here. But it is something that President Trump is really concerned about," the former Trump campaign spokesman and informal adviser said.

He said Trump looks a the crisis and said "I would not have allowed this on my watch."

Miller also described Trump's plans to build his own social media platform, saying there were a handful of finalists for the technology.

“He’s been approached by a number of companies...he is going to be launching his own platform. "We’re probably two or three months away," Miller said.