'Wrong Trump' trends after Ivana Trump's death

Some insinuated a connection between her death and the deposition scheduled tomorrow for Trump and his two eldest children
Donald Trump, Ivana Trump, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., Sept. 15, 2014

Following the death of Ivana Trump, former President Donald Trump's first wife, "Wrong Trump" trended on Twitter, while some insinuated a connection between her death and the deposition scheduled tomorrow for Trump and his two eldest children.

"Fuk. [sic] A Trump in their 70’s dies and they got the wrong one," tweeted author and former Clinton White House staffer Claude Taylor.

Author Jeff Pearlman reacted similarly.

"I see 'Wrong Trump' trending. Not gonna lie—I'd said that to my fam a few minutes earlier. I don't root for deaths. But exception can be made for an aspiring authoritarian with nary a decent bone in his body (who, for that matter, openly celebrated John McCain's death)," he wrote.

Judy Miller Silverman, founder of the public relations firm Motormouthmedia, posted, "Ugh, wrong Trump. How is the insane, corrupt, fast food guy still alive?"

Producer Brad Wollack tweeted, "Proof there is no God: Ivana dies, but gross pig Donald keeps ticking along."

After CNN reporter Jake Tapper tweeted, "Deepest condolences to @IvankaTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @EricTrump and all those in the Trump family for the loss of their mother Ivana Trump today at the age of 73. May her memory be a blessing," Wollack replied by attacking the Trump children.

"Not sure you had to post condolences. I get that it’s an opportunity to show you’re 'unbiased,' but these are not normal people we’re dealing with. Ivanka, DT Jr. and Eric are all criminal enablers of their father’s perversions and lies. They welcome authoritarian rule," he wrote.

Self identified never-Trumper Cheri Jacobus, who was fired from USA Today for her tweets in 2018, insinuated a connection between Ivana Trump's death and the scheduled deposition tomorrow in New York Attorney General Letitia James' probe into the Trump Organization's business practices. The former president and his two eldest children with Ivana, Donald and Ivanka, are scheduled to testify tomorrow in the probe.

"So it looks like Trump and his kids will get out of that NY deposition scheduled for tomorrow that they've been trying to get out of for several years," she wrote, following up, "Trust me -- the late Ivana Trump's children are thinking the same thing we all are."