Pulitzer-winning journalist to sue Michigan Gov. Whitmer over nursing home death data

Death data “may shed light on the true extent of the nursing home devastation," LeDuff said.
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in October 2020

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Charlie LeDuff says he is pursuing a lawsuit against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to gain access to data about nursing home deaths in the state.

"The Whitmer administration has not fulfilled my request or our request on the No Bulls%%t News Hour for COVID death data that may shed light on the true extent of the nursing home devastation. This, in my opinion, is a violation of state law, and more so and this is not an opinion, it is a danger and a disservice to our institutionalized elders who have borne the brunt of the suffering and continue to bear it," LeDuff said on his program, according to RedState.

"Steve Deliee the lead policy lawyer on transparency and open government with the august and well regarded Mackinac Center think tank here in Michigan, they have agreed to take our case to sue the Whitmer administration for the death data in these nursing homes," LeDuff said.