US women's gymnastics team will not stay at Olympic village, amid COVID fears

So far only one person on the U.S. women's gymnastics team has tested positive COVID.
The Olympic symbol in Japan, August 2020
The Olympic symbol in Japan, August 2020

The United States women's gymnastics team has announced that they would be staying at a hotel rather than at the Olympic village ahead of the games.

"It was also a decision that we all made together, we know it isn’t ideal for the Olympic experience but nothing is ideal during a pandemic," Cecile Landi, the coach of athlete Simone Biles tweeted Sunday.

"We feel like we can control the athletes and our safety better in a hotel setting," she added.

One day after her announcement, Kara Eaker, an alternate on the team, became the first COVID-19 case among U.S. athletes. She is currently in quarantine along with fellow alternate and training mate Leanne Wong.

"The entire delegation continues to be vigilant and will maintain strict protocols while they are in Tokyo," USA Gymnastics said Monday, regarding the COVID case, according to the New York Post.