Dems 'aiding and abetting' border humanitarian crisis, says AZ sheriff

"Women are being raped on a daily basis," said Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb, citing the case of a woman who brought morning-after pills for her journey across the border because she knew she'd be raped.
U.S. Border Patrol in Roma, Tex., Aug. 14

Democrats are "aiding and abetting" the humanitarian crisis along the southern border, as "women are being raped on a daily basis," Arizona's Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb said on Thursday.

"It shouldn't matter whether you're a Republican, Democrat or Independent," Lamb told "Just the News, Not Noise" TV show cohosts John Solomon and Amanda Head. "If you care about human beings, you should absolutely care about border security. Why? Women are being raped on a daily basis … kids are being used as pawns, men are being extorted."

The sheriff related a shocking story about a woman his department encountered a few months ago. "[S]he had a baggie full of pills," he recounted. "And so we started saying, 'Hey, what are these pills?' She says, 'Look, when I was gonna cross the border, I knew I would get raped multiple times. So these are morning-after pills.'"

"Like when as Americans does it become acceptable … because it suits your politics?" Lamb asked rhetorically. "The real humanitarian issue is what the cartels are doing to human beings on a daily basis. It has to stop. We, as Americans, are the only ones that are going to stop it. We can no longer tolerate this nonsense, and politics can no longer come into play here. This is an American plague, and we've got to fix it."