Elon Musk on Stanford law student protest: 'Soviet level of indoctrination'

Hundreds of students protested Stanford Law's dean for apologizing to a federal judge whose event was disrupted at the school.
Elon Musk in May of 2022

Twitter CEO Elon Musk is warning that students at elite schools are receiving a "Soviet level of indoctrination," in his response to a news article about Stanford University students harassing the law school's dean and other students who disagreed with them.

The most recent incident at Stanford occurred after Stanford Law School Dean Jenny Martinez apologized to conservative federal Judge Kyle Duncan, whose Federalist Society event at the school last week was shut down by students and Stanford's associate dean of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

This week, the students protested Martinez's apology by covering the entire whiteboard of the class she taught with flyers criticizing her. When the class adjourned, hundreds of student protestors dressed in black lined the hallway and as she and other students left, they stared them down, The Washington Free Beacon reported Tuesday.

"Parents don’t realize the Soviet level of indoctrination that their children are receiving in elite high schools & colleges!" Musk responded Tuesday to a tweet with the Free Beacon article.