Florida bill would ban diversity programs at public colleges

The measure represents state lawmakers' latest foray into higher education.
Florida State University

The Florida House on Monday passed legislation that would ban public universities in the Sunshine State from financially supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs or those that include Critical Race Theory (CRT).

After the Republican-led House approved the measure, the Senate plans to hold a vote on Wednesday, The Hill reported. Specifically, the bill bars schools from giving monetary aid to "any programs or campus activities that espouse diversity, equity, or inclusion or Critical Race Theory rhetoric."

"A state university is prohibited from using diversity, equity, and inclusion statements, Critical Race Theory rhetoric, or other forms of political identity filters as part of the hiring process, including as part of applications for employment, promotion and tenure, conditions of employment, or reviewing qualifications for employment," the bill reads.

Opponents of the plan worry that black fraternities or sororities might be booted off campuses due to the bill's vague wording, The Hill noted.

The measure represents state lawmakers' latest foray into higher education, after Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis earlier this year intervened in the administration of the New College, appointing new trustees, including conservative activist Christopher Rufo. 

Earlier this month, New College trustees voted to abolish the school's DEI programs.

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