Illinois high schoolers ask board to require students divulge 'pronouns,' displayed 'gallery style'

Students made request following their survey asking about "way teachers have been handling gender identity this school year"
High school student
High school student
(Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

Two students at an Illinois high school are asking their school board to mandate that every student be required to provide their “pronouns,” which would be presented "gallery" style on a “classroom wall” and "updated every few months."

The Evanston Township High School seniors say the changes would prevent "misgendering," or calling a boy "he" when the boy wants to be referred to as a "she."

The students made the appeal to the Evanston Township District 202 school board, and as of this week no decision has been made, according to a news report Wednesday by the North Cook News.

"Right now, some classes don’t allow students the chance to share their pronouns, increasing the chance that they will be misgendered," said one of the students, Nova Horrell. "That comes along with a series of negative psychological effects. Or we have this maximalist approach, which is equally as harmful."

Horrell also says being "misgendered" can have drastic impacts on children and could lead to violence and homelessness.

The students made the request, in a letter, following a survey they created that asks about "the way teachers have been handling gender identity this school year" and that garnered 146 responses, the news outlet also reports.