Oberlin faces fed probe over alleged anti-Semitism, including prof who called for end to Israel

The professor faces allegations of supporting Hamas and giving students credit for writing against Israel.
Every desk is taken in professor Jeanne (cq) Neil's Accounting 101 classroom at Orange Coast Community College in Costa Mesa, CA, on Sept 10, 2011.

The Education Department has began conducting a probe on Oberlin College over alleged anti-Semitism comments dating back to 2014 including those by a professor who allegedly once called for Israel to be eliminated, according to news reports. 

The allegations begin investigated by the agency, including those allegedly made by professor Mohammad Jafar Mahallati, reportedly date back to 2014.

Mahallati's comments do not appear related to any of those connected to the Israel's war on Hamas that started last month.

His Spring 2023 classes were reportedly canceled and he is now on sabbatical

The probe reportedly started in September and was prompted by a dossier that included alleged Mahallati anti-Semitism remarks and actions sent to the department in 2019 by Melissa Landa, who graduated from the Ohio liberal arts college in 1986, according to the New York Post.

Landa also is associated with the Alliance for Israel, whose stated mission is to call attention to anti-Semitism and the campaign to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel.

Mahallati faces allegations of supporting Hamas, giving students credit for writing against Israel and referring to it as an "apartheid state."

Before becoming a professor, he was Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations where he allegedly defended the fatwa, or Islamic decree that was issued by Khomeini to kill novelist Salman Rushdie, the Post reports. 

Oberlin has not responded to the probe at this time.